The moment a child gets a sponsor, the child looks at the sponsor as family. A family where they belong. When you come in to sponsor these children at this critical stage, you save them from perishing. And we believe that these children will go back into the communities and change the communities and the entire nation for the glory of God.

Pastor Elijah

Support Maama Eseza's Babies Home

Opened in 2016, Our Maama Eseza’s Babies’ Home is where we care for Uganda’s youngest orphaned and abandoned children, from newborns to four years old. Babies are paired with one of our loving house moms until they are either reunited with family or grow old enough to transition to kindergarten at the local Hands of Love School. Every crib supported gets another abandoned child off the streets and provides them with:

  • The nurturing care of a house mom assigned specifically to your crib
  • Nutritious food
  • Clothing
  • A crib, mattress, and mosquito net
  • One set of linens and a blanket
  • Basic hygiene products, including soap and diapers
  • Regular medical check-ups
  • Spiritual (Christ-centered) training and love

Support our Ugandan Staff

At our Hands of Love schools our staff and teachers are life-changers. They not only teach, but provide stability, care, discipline, hope, and love to over 2,600 children. Children who were abandoned, wandering from nowhere to nowhere, left to fend for themselves in a hostile world. Each child dealing with their own unique set of emotional and physical issues that very few of us will ever understand. Imagine where these children would be without the daily influence of our teachers and staff? Help us support the angels who do the real work. We CANNOT do this without them, or you.

Your Support of our Ugandan staff provides:

  • Wages
  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Simple living accommodations
  • Basic medical
  • Security
Have questions about Sponsorship? Please email Vera Dwyer.