We rescue abandoned babies and children left to fend for themselves in the streets and bush of Uganda. Through our child sponsorship program, we meet basic needs, educate through graduation, and share the love of God. Within our two orphanages, more than 2,600 children are being nurtured and encouraged in a safe environment. These children are the hope of the future as they grow into the men and women God created them to be, with the potential to effect real change in their families, businesses, communities, and nation.

We also support a team of partners that equips Ugandan individuals through a variety of programs, enabling them to advance Christ’s kingdom. We join our partners by extending their reach with shared visions of providing relief, hope, and a future for some of the most vulnerable children on earth as well as educating and empowering Ugandans to cause transformation.

Several years ago I donated to my friends’ mission trip to see their sponsor son. Being able to see Hands of Love through their eyes on their trip made me want to sponsor a child too. I now sponsor Victoria, my super sweet child whose joyous personality I have seen grow over the years in her photos! My monthly sponsorship covers her most basic needs, while giving her the opportunity to learn at school and letting her know that she is accepted and loved. She writes me letters as her “mum” and I also receive photos and school progress reports from her throughout the year. My friends, that I mentioned earlier, have even met and hugged her when visiting their sponsored son! I have not met Victoria in person yet, but started taking pictures with her photo to send to her so she knows that I am real too. She is my daughter. I love her and am blessed to have her in my life and to help make a loving and positive difference in hers.

Em Moffitt

Hi, I’m Victoria and Em is my Mum. She means everything to me, and I thank God for having her in my life. She loves me and I love her. She makes me feel special and not alone. I am glad she chose me to be her daughter and I love writing to her and getting letters and pictures from her. I can’t wait to meet her and hug her and tell her how much she means to me. She is my Mum and I love her.


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