Witness the joy radiating from your child’s face. Listen to Ugandan staff members recount their stories of revolutionary life change after encountering Pastor Elijah's Christ-centered ministry. Experience first-hand the incredible impact that your partnership with Hands of Love is having in Uganda.


Types of Mission Trips


Medical Mission Trips

Access to licensed doctors and modern healthcare is limited if not impossible for most people living in Uganda. Whether you’re an experienced medical professional or just want to help, join us in bringing life-saving medical care to the Hands of Love orphanages and surrounding villages.


Experience Uganda Mission Trips

The Hands of Love orphanages are an oasis of light and hope in a country riddled with darkness. Experience God's power at work by serving in our two orphanages, worshiping and teaching in our church headquarters and distributing soap and salt to the poorest of the poor. Empower and encourage this future generation of Christian leaders and the servant leaders who care for them.


Women's Empowerment Mission Trips

Through the annual Women's Empowerment Conference over 4,000 of the world's most impoverished and downtrodden women are empowered to live a life of purpose and value in Christ. Many have never heard this message and will travel tens of miles on foot to attend. They will arrive hungry, hopeless and broken and will leave nourished physically and spiritually. Join this year's team to minister to teenage girls on the two orphanage campuses and to speak and serve at the Women's Empowerment Conference.


Pastors' Conferences Mission Trips

Our Pastors and Leaders Conferences are designed to encourage and equip Uganda's rural pastors and church leaders. Despite overwhelming hardships including lack of Biblical training and Bibles, these leaders are already transforming Uganda with the Gospel. Apply for this year's mission (led by our sister ministry, Messengers of Hope) to empower 500 rural pastors at two conferences while speaking life into the over 2,000 children at the Hands of Love orphanages.


Build Your Own Mission Trip

If you are unable to take one of the scheduled mission trips mentioned above, we will work with you to customize a trip for you to meet your time constraints and interests. Choose to experience the areas of Hands of Love Foundation that are most appealing to you, including the two orphanages, our church headquarters, and remote village outreach. Please download the Mission Trip Application and go to page 4 for a list of all areas in which you can serve.


Ready to sign up for a trip or have questions? Please download and review the Missions Info Packet or email Laura Brady.