Hands of Love's First Graduating Class!

Each year since our orphanages' inceptions in 2004 and 2008, our children have been steadily progressing through grade school. Because most of our children were significantly behind in their studies when they entered Hands of Love, the majority are still working their way through primary and middle school. However, this is actually a great accomplishment as the primary school dropout rate in Uganda is in excess of 50%!

According to the latest World Bank Data, only 12% of girls and 17% of boys in Uganda even attempt upper secondary school(high school), while only 2% actually complete their secondary studies.

Therefore, perhaps our greatest accomplishment to date is that twenty five of our children have now graduated from Hands of Love! Approximately one third of these children have graduated with a high school diploma and are pursuing university degrees like law, teaching and business. The others have graduated with vocational degrees, including hair dressing, nursing, and construction. Thanks in large part to the faithful support of their sponsors, these children are now equipped to become successful and productive members of society!