Youth Ablaze Conference

Youth Ablaze Conference

Igniting Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs

Each year over 10,000 young adults convene at Kampala International Christian Centre for five days of worship and training. Their goal is to learn to start and run a business and leave poverty behind forever. The conference goal is to transform these next generation leaders for Christ. They will lead their family, their business, and their nation.

The delegates are immersed in a twelve hour a day schedule. It includes worship, presentations from government officials, notable African pastors, graduates of Youth Ablaze who started businesses, and American businessmen and women. And it also includes breaks for sporting competitions, meals and rest.

Topics include:

  • Choose to be a Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneur
  • What you can be, you must be. The Secret.
  • The seven superpowers of the Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneur
  • Godly dating leads to godly marriage.
  • The Five Building Blocks of Successful Life

At the end of the conference, each participant receives a Certificate of Completion that will give him or her an advantage when seeking local employment. In addition, during breakout sessions, our staff identifies several dozen promising young leaders. These individuals are then discipled and trained to become our ministry’s next generation of leadership.