Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment Conference

Each year over 4,000 of Uganda’s impoverished and vulnerable women gather at the six-day Women’s Empowerment Conference to learn about their worth in Christ. Many have been told since childhood that they do not deserve an education and their only value and purpose in life is to enter polygamous marriage and to bear children.

Desperate for hope, some women travel tens of miles on foot with children to attend this conference. They are greeted by a team of both Ugandan and US women teaching on topics such as:

  • Identity as daughters of God
  • Biblical marriage and motherhood
  • Overcoming worthlessness and insecurity

They are also equipped with tools which revolutionize their every day lives, such as:

  • Gifts of sewing machines, bicycles and bibles
  • Small business training
  • Training and resourcing in evangelistic bible studies

Women’s lives are being transformed by the teaching of Women’s Empowerment. And remarkably, a gift of just $15 allows one woman to attend and receive all the benefits of this six-day, life-changing conference. Please contact Anna Latshaw for more information.