Each year over 9,000 of Africa's children and young adults convene at Kampala International Christian Centre for five days to learn how to build and lead Godly families, businesses and communities.  These youth, ranging from 15-35 years old, are drawn to this high impact conference from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Tanzania and Sudan.  They gather to learn about 'Igniting Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs' from and impressive array of African and American speakers.


Topics include:

  • Christ, your personal Lord and personal Savior
  • The 3 secrets of every successful entrepreneur
  • The impact of your spouse on your business
  • What to look for in a husband
  • Raising Godly children
  • Education as a requirement of success


At the conclusion of the conference, each participant receives a Certificates of Completion which gives him or her an advantage when seeking local employment. In addition, during break-out sessions, our staff identify several dozen extremely promising young leaders. These individuals are then discipled and trained to become our ministry’s next generation of leadership.

Despite coming from impoverished communities, most of the 9,000 attendees scrape together the $6 registration fee by working for months at odd jobs. While charging a registration fee may seem harsh from an American perspective, paying this fee provides the young adults with desperately needed self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment while off-setting approximately half of the conference expense. In fact, after last year’s conference, sixty participants gave towards the 2017 conference!


The balance of the budget is funded through local Ugandan businesses who believe in the transformative nature of this conference and through gifts from our US partners. Please prayerfully consider joining us in prayer and giving toward this life changing conference.


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